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Interfaith Prayer and Peace Potluck
In Solidarity with World Peace & Prayer Day on Summer Solstice

June 21 at 6pm on Rt. 7 in Lanesboro, MA.

On June 21, 2010 several Berkshire interfaith networks and
non-denominational organizations and social justice groups are coming
together in solidarity to host and acknowledge the summer solstice and
World Peace & Prayer Day in Lanesboro, MA. at 6pm on the proposed White
Eagle Sanctuary & Native American Interpretative Center on 185 acres at
770 Williamstown Rd, Lanesboro, MA across from the newly developed
Donnybrook Golf Course.

World Peace & Prayer Day was initiated by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th
Generation Keeper of the Sacred Pipe. He calls on all people, communities
and nations to join him in prayer for world peace every summer solstice on
June 21, 2010.

Participating organizations and networks are: Multi-Cultural Center at
Williams College, Berkshire Vegetarian Network, Manos Unidas, Devotional
Music Foundation, Northern Berkshire Interfaith network, Humanity in
Concert and Healing Winds.

Multi-cultural interfaith prayer will include Native American prayers and
Native American church devotional chants by a traditional Navajo Medicine
Man, African drumming, Celtic/Irish drumming, Scottish bag pipes, East
Indian chanting, Buddhist prayers, Hebrew prayers and several
Christian Pastors and Ministers will also participate and share prayers
for World Peace.

There will ne a special peace performance by Joseph Firecrow, Grammy  award winning
Northern Cheyenne traditional Flautist and traditional singer.

There will also be a peace potluck dinner. Non-meat vegetarian and vegan
dishes out of respect for our animals and wildlife and those relations
that swim, crawl, run and fly. Please bring your own eating utensils,
bowls, plates, napkins and drinking cups to minimize environmental impact
on land and waste disposal. Small folding tables and lawn chairs as well
as picnic blankets for ground coverings are also appropriate.

There will be seating and some tables for elders, handicapped persons and
veterans. Please also bring your own drinking water and non-alcoholic
beverages. This is a drug free and no alcohol, multi-generational family
friendly event. No dogs or pets please.

Peace Prayer will start promptly at 6pm with potluck at
6:30pm with Interfaith Peace Devotions and the special performance br Joseph Firecrow at 7:00pm.
Our evening Interfaith program and potluck will conclude at 8pm.

Optional: Donation of used or new blankets or canvass tarps for future
sweat lodge/purification lodges and/or a softball size field or river stone
for Medicine Wheel  would be greatly appreciated.

For more information please go to or call 413-443-2481.

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